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Stevens City, Virginia, Jan. 5, 1918. His Excellency, West,oreland [Westmoreland] Davis, Governor of Virginia. My dear Mr. Davis:-- I want to urge the passage of the Co-ordinate College bill which will be introduced at this session of the Legislature. As an alumnus of the University of Virginia, I have been opposed to this bill, but in favor of establishing a separate college of high grade for women in Virginia. But the war has changed conditions very materially as they effect public education in the State. We are losing most of our male teachers, and many of those who would, under ordinary conditions, have become teachers, have enlisted in the army or engaged in activities connected therewith. Our young women must fill these positions made vacant and I feel that it is the duty of the State to prepare them for this enlarged sphere of action.

We have in Frederick County today about fifty emergency teachers. At the beginning of the session last fall, Maryland was short about twenty-one hundred teachers. School superintendents throughout the country realize that conditions will be much worse next session than at the present time. I feel that the State should come to the aid of its school system and prepare its young women adequately to preform the new duties that they are being called on to perform, in order that they very foundations of our institutions may not slip away from us while our armies are winning victories on foreign battle fields.

The four normal schools of Virginia can never train teachers for over six hundred high schools. The province of these schools is the training of teachers for the elementary schools. Our high school teachers must have a broader scholarship. At present we have no institution in the State equipped to do this work.

I have read carefully the arguments advanced in favor of the Co-ordinate College at the University of Virginia, and I desire to endorse them fully and believe that under present conditions these arguments are irresistible.

I hope you may see fit to give this movement your support and the advantage of the splendid energy and influence. I am, with best wishes, Very sincerely, your, Leslie D. Klein, Superintendent of Schools for the division of Clark and Frederick Counties and the City of Winchester.