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COPY Stephens City, Va.

Mrs B. B. Munford, Chr. Central Committee, Co-ordinate College League, Richmond, Va.

Dear Mrs. Munford:

In reply to your letter of recent date in regard to the Co-ordinate College at the University of Virginia, I beg to state that I am strongly in favor of the bill which you enclosed in your letter, except I think it should have been more specific. We have now about six hundred High Schools in the State of Virginia and no State institution equipped for the training of the teachers for these schools. The four normal schools in the State, for the education of women, were never intended for the training of teachers for our High Schools and cannot do this work effectively with their present equipment. The successful High School teacher must have broader scholarship than can be obtained at these institutions.

I have just read a very interesting letter written by Mr. T. R. Cather, Commonwealth's Attorney of this County, to Senator H. F. Byrd of this Senatorial District, in which he states that fully 10% of the young men drafted from this County, were unable to write their names, 50% of them could barely sign their names, 80% of them did not know the names of the countries at war, had no clear idea as to where these countries are located, had no conception of the causes of this war, and could not understand why it was necessary for them to be drafted in order to help settle a quarrel in some quarter of the world that they knew nothing about and cared less about. This is not putting it too strongly. I am fully convinced that the condition of Virginia today, with about two millions of people after three hundred years of settlement, is due to the miserly attitude of the State Government toward our Public School system. I am also convinced that the great majority of our teachers for many years to come must be women and that we must educate these women largely at the expense of the State and that their education must be of a much higher grade than they now receive at any institution in Virginia.

If you will kindly tell me just how I can assist you in this whole matter, I am perfectly willing to undertake it.

Yours very truly, LESLIE D. KLEIN.