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long in a one sided fight. I am watching the Lbg News to see if Mrs Burrows & Mrs Spiers wont send their letter to this paper. Mrs Montague's letter to the Times-Dispatch is the same thing she has been handing out to the U.D.C. the YW.CA Board and every place she can get into. Has even gone to some of the church societies - I was able to head her off and at least prevent the passage of her resolutions before several organizations. The Ladies Auxiliary Y.M.C.A at both previous legislatures have sent letters and petitions - This year, the Pres. of the organization being with Mrs M. - I went to the last meeting, and kept quiet myself in order to keep her down - but I was loaded, and made the request of the President, that if the courtesy was extended Mrs M. it also be extended me - we were both watching each other - but no chance was given either. I thought best not to cause friction in the organizations Mrs M. has been constantly in the press - and that letter if altered