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his house last night, and he gave him a number of important letters he had in hand, and gave him definite instructions what to tell John Easley when he gets to Richmond tonight. Owen Easley is Prof. in High School, and attending N.E.A. in Richmond this week. He is a most enthusiastic worker for the College. Mr. Craddock further more agreed to send a lengthy telegram to Mr. Easley, and also to write Mr. Nelson, Mr. Radford I have a telegram in hand from Mr. Blackford to Mr. Easley, which I will have reach him tomorrow.

Mr. Craddock thinks the only trouble with Mr. Easley is that he has had such a rush of important matters, and a new man too, that he hasn't had the time to consider this matter, that when the discussions come up, he believes he will do the right thing. Mr. Craddock's influence means more than any one else we all believe. Mr. Nelson has been absorbed and working for the rolling stock bill, that means so much for Campbell Co. as it is traversed by three railroad lines, but now that he has gotten his amendment passed by the House, he may have more time