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a letter to Judge Nelson from Mr. Goggin. A telegram to Judge Nelson from Mr. Wm M Murrell, Commonwealth's Attorney for Campbell Co. several other letters from members of our communities, myself among them, to Judge Nelson. These two men are the most influential that I know of in the county, that that we can reacn at all. Mr. Murrell is his brother-in-law & he told me that Miss Sallie Nelson, Judge's sister is greatly interested-working on him & that she has more influence over him than any one else, he also said, if you can get Mr. Rosewell Page after him, he can do almost anything with him. Two telegrams have gone today to Mr. Easley, one from R. Colston Blackford & one from Mr. T. V. Kemp, Attorney-letters too and perhaps Mr. Craddock's telegram. Those Bedford men are about hopeless we fear. Letters are going in to them, but with no idea or hopes of gaining anything. Miss Davis