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peoples of his county have written, wired and signed petitions. There is a strong sentiment in favor of bill - Members of the school board of Brookville district would not sign petition, they say their small schools are so needy. I do not believe that any thing or any body will be able to influence the Representatives against the combination which seems to be formed in the Sixth & Ninth districts. Mr Moss is not a man to be influenced by political combinations - but was open to conviction, and espoused the cause of justice and right. I do hope that the showing in the House, will be even stronger in Eastern Virginia in favor of bill - and that the S.W. will not show such a solid front against it. Mr. White's "frantic antics" in the House to bring the bill up out of its order, and therefore require a three-fourths vote, encouraged me to hope that he is fighting a losing game - and so, he is resorting to desperate measures to carry his point - Hoping for success, and with admiration for & appreciation of your work, I am, Sincerely, Alice J Kyle (Mrs Jas R. Kyle)