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campaign, or rather be perfectly quiet until time for legislature to meet - rather than to agitate the question and make it an issue in the coming January - Aside from this reason we have alreaded crowded in more speakers than Miss Cummings says she has time to give. Miss McVea, Pres. of Sweet Briar is on the first evenings program for an address - Then we are to have two men from the Federal Government on important subjects - besides several social functions - As to the meeting of the Sixth District workers to be held here May 7 - I haven't the time to attend to it now, nor do I believe that I could even attend the meeting at that time, if others should work it up - Local club affairs, & the Federation, are working me to death - Then my daughter is to graduate at Agnes Scott College, Decatur Ga - and I of course have been busy over that, and we go down soon as the Federation convention ends - So you see I am already "too fully occupied". I received one of Mrs Dashiell's letters and pamphlet, requesting me to join with them! I have not written Mrs Kerlin or Mrs Kinnear of Lexington, but hope to take the matter up with them in person when they come to the Federation. Yours very sincerely, Alice J. Kyle Pardon great haste!