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January 12th, 1916. Hon. Geo. E. Allen, The Capitol, Richmond, Va., My dear Mr. Allen: We herewith enclose you a copy of a leaflet containing a brief statement of some of the most striking arguments for the establishment at this time, of a State College for Women, and the wisdom of the location of such a college at Charlottesville, co-ordinate with our State University. We have made this statement very brief, knowing the many and insistent calls upon the time and attention of the members of the legislature. We would urge that you read carefully the enclosed pamphlet, and if there are any points which we have not made clear, or upon which you desire further information, to communicate with the friends of the college, who will be always glad and ready to furnish such information to the best of their ability. Bespeaking your co-operation for the Co-ordinate College Bill, that this legislature may have the honor in history of having added this important addition to the State's educational life, I am, Yours very truly, [blank] Chairman Central Committee.