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Richmond, Va. March 7, 1916 My dear Sir:-

The University of Virginia will be doing its most and best for the State when it reaches and helps every community. We ask your attention to the following plan to make it serve each county through a Co-ordinate College for Women.

We wish to have, by endowment or subscription, for each county at least one scholarship, and wherever possible two or more scholarships. These are to be awarded, probably on a competitive basis, by its Representative and the Senator of its District, to a girl graduate of a High School in the county. The girl who enjoys the benefits of this scholarship pledges herself to teach two years in the State, one year being in the county giving her scholarship, if desired by its superintendent and school board.

One of the first buildings for women erected at the University of Virginia, is to be a hall where women students can get at cost good wholesome food. Holders of scholarships and other students will use this hall and build up a large, democratic, plain-living-and-high-thinking student body.

We wish to emphasize these facts:- Not only is this Legislature not asked to contribute one cent to the Co-ordinate College, But further, the friends of the College have pledged that one quarter of a million dollars ($250,000.00) shall be raised by personal subscription and gifts before any subsequent legislature shall ever be asked to make an appropriation. Keeping these facts in view, we trust you feel it is your duty and privilege to support this measure Very truly yours Mary-Cooke Branch Munford