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[imprinted letterhead] Manassas Agricultural High School For Eighth Congressional District Manassas, Virginia

Jan. 29, 1917. Mrs. M. C. B. Munford, Richmond, Va., Dear Mrs. Munford: I was very sorry not to have been present at the Coordinate College meeting in Richmond. The illness of a sister kept me from reaching Richmond in time to attend, but I wish to enroll for work for the Coordinate College campaign and shall be very glad to be either chairman or vice-chairman for Prince William County as you request. I'm not consulting Miss Osbourn about the matter as she is not yet strong enough to take up any matters that may tax her strength. She has been very ill with nervous prostrations and while I'm serving as principal in her place, I'll take all correspondence out of her hands. She is improving rapidly and will be glad to serve with me in behalf of the coordinate College I'm sure. Appoint me to whichever offices will call for the most work, as we do not wish her to have