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Richmond, Va., 503 East Grace St., May 25, 1916., Mr. Clyde W. Saunders, 1116 East Cary St., Richmond, Va.,

My dear Mr. Saunders: - I am herewith enclosing you copies of letters mailed this day to both Mr. Carson and Senator Martin. I am hoping that it will prove feasible for all of the friends of the College to co-operate to get something done at the Roanoke Convention, and, as I see it, the Glass James controversy seems to be favorable to such a move. However, as I said to you at our recent conference, I do not wish to do anything at this time that would not have the full sanction of Senator Martin. Thanking you for your interest in this matter and wishing you good luck in bringing it to a successful conclusion, I am, Yours very truly, [blank]