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THE WESTERN UNION TELEGRAPH COMPANY RICHMOND, VA. W. G. SALE MANAGER Feb. 17, 1916. Mrs. B. B. Munford, 503 E. Grace St., Richmond, Va. Dear Madam: My attention has been directed to the very nice file of forty-three (43) day letters which you favored us with today.

I feel that I would not be properly serving the interests I represent should I fail to express the appreciation of the Company as well as mine, to you for this generous patronage. I wish to avail myself of this opportunity in thanking you, with the assurance of our desire to serve you in an official and satisfactory manner, which our exclusive day letters and other service afford, and at all times give your valued patronage the attention it justly merits.

Again thank you, and with sincerest personal regards, I am Yours very truly, W. G. Sale Manager. WGS/G