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January 21st. 1916. Miss Edith M. Smith, Bassett Hall, Williamsburg, Va., My dear Miss Smith:

Your letter of January 20th, was received this morning, and I hasten to give you the expression of opinion that you ask for. In regard to the advisability of having the Board of William & Mary College petition the legislature to have the Co-ordinate College located at Williamsburg, I am sure that this would be a very harmful move at this time. In spite of various cross currents here, we feel that the outlook for the establishment of the college at Charlottesville by this legislature is very encouraging, certainly things look brighter at the present time than ever before at a corresponding period of the legislature. It is more and more evident to us that thinking people throughout this state, are seeing things as you and I have always seen them and are realixing that this college should, and must be located at Charlottesville, affiliated with the University of Virginia. In fact, the progress of thought along this line since the legislature of 1914, has been almost amazing, and in view of this, you will say with me that any move on the part of William and Mary will only serve to complicate matters further. It would seem now, that we have a fair field. A strong pull all together, with all our supporters directly behind us, should bring us victory this year after our six years' fight.