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[note in pencil. The first line and the rest appear to have been written at different times] Separate & put in filing book when ever you file a news paper [of columns?] one [illegible] news & Editorial check up [h.p.?] lest therewith

503 East Grace Street January 8, 1916 Mr. George W. Stevens, President, Chesapeake & Ohio Railway Co., Richmond, Virginia.

My Dear Mr. Stevens: Owing to pressure of work incident to the college cause I have been unable until today to write you with reference to this matter. I was very much gratified by your cordial interest in this matter and your desire to do what you could personally to assist us. I know that your views will impress many people in the State, and I am therefore writing to ask that you will make some statement with reference to the matter which we may use as seems best. I am sending you at the same time some literature, in order that you may have something before you, if you so desire, from which to draft your letter. Will you let us have this latter as soon as possible, for the time is short and speedy action on the part of the friends of the college necessary. It would be very helpful if we could secure this year the assistance of Mr. Scherer. His wife is interested, and two years ago he seemed so much more sympathetic than in 1912 that I am hoping now we may count him as a real supporter. With personal regards and appreciation for your courtesies, I am, Sincerely yours, [blank] Chairman Central Committee