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503 E. Grace Street December 22, 1915 Mrs. M.D. Southhall, Pungoteague, VA My dear Mrs. Southhall: I note in the postal receive from you, dated December 14th, that you express yourself as not in sympathy with the movement to establish a Co-ordinate College for Women at Charllottesville affiliated with the the University of Virginia. You have evidently been laboring under a misapprehension in regard to your sentiments as we find your name signed to a petition circulated in behalf of the college in January or February 1914. We feel sure that you will at least be interested in reading some of the literature about the movement and we are therefore sending you a circular or two, under separate cover. We trust that you will note that this college bears a very vital relation to the well being of our public school system for that it will provide for the adequate training of our high school teachers who in turn have entrusted to them the training of the majority of the grammar school teachers of this state; and at the same time enable the the hundreds of girls who now spend their time and effort at the University of Virginia Summer School and yet obtain no credit towards a degree in return for same.

We shall be glad to give any further information that you may desire. Sincerely yours, [blank] Chairman Women's Committee VM/O