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503 East Grace Street, Richmond, Va., February 24th 1914. Judge Geo S. Shackelford, Orange, VA My dear Judge Shackelford:-

Thank you for you letter of February 23rd, which I received this morning. I am sorry that Mr. Browning thought the situation in the House so discouraging. I think that what he told you was founded on a poll taken in the House the end of last week. This poll was taken by members rather antagonistic to the college and we, its friends, who have tried to keep in close touch with the situation, do not feel that it is entirely representative of the real feeling in the House toward the college, though we grant that the fight is extremely hot. I could see that Mr. Browning was much impressed with the splendid petition that you and Mrs. Shackelford sent from Orange. Although I have no facts on which to base my opinion, my intuition tells me that Mr. Browning is being somewhat influenced in this matter by Mr. Tunstall of Norfork, the division Counsel of the Southern Railroad, in whose division Mr. Browning's territory lies. And as you know Mr. Tunstall has always been one of our violent opponents. However, with so many of Mr. Browning's friends in Orange with us, and Mr. W.W. field on our bill as a patron, I am still not without hope of his support. It therefore seems to me most worth while that you keep up the good work and throw what further weight you can into the balance in this last critical week. Mr. Flood is in town to-day working hard, and Mr. Tate Irving was busy in our behalf yesterday, so that I feel that with a strong pull all together, we still have a good chance. Thank you for all you and Mrs. Shackelford have done for us. Please give my regards to her. Sincerely yours [BLANK]