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They were so patent that he had to acknowledge that he saw them clearly. I gave that College high endorsement -and showed him why I, & others could not patronse it. I gave Farmville shiny endorsement also & told him what he never knew & never had heard of & what he would not hear of now except to make my motives plain, which was that I had assisted several girls there, & that I now, at this movement was educating two girls there. But I said "if there had been a co-ordinate college at Charlottesville I should have sent them there" & I gave my reasons for it. I do not know that the talk will do any good but it was plain, earnest, sincere & disclosed plainly the motives of the opposition. It is the 81.000 that got him. follow up the the [sic] attack & explanation of that. Yours Truly R. S. Thomas