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Powhatan, Va., Jan. 19th 1918 - My dear Mrs. Munford: In reply to your letter of Jan. 17th I would state that I've already written to our Senator, our Representative and Gov. Elect Davis, as well as to twenty five men and women in our County - Also spoken to our Supt. of Schools. Think it advisable to get the endorsement of the county school teachers if possible, so would be glad to have 20 or more of the pamphlets entitled respectively "The Co-ordinate College, Its Relation to Public Ed. in Va." and "Why a Coordinate College Rather than a Separate College". There is a lamentable indifference on the part of the people in general and in some instances positive opposition to the said College - The idea seems to be that it would injure the Common Schools. My chief aim is to disabuse their minds of this erroneous ide - Hence the request for above named pamphlets.