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3. On last Tuesday night before Virginia left the city, we went over with Mr. Meredith this whole matter. Because it was one which we felt very deeply we wanted you personally to fully understand and be informed about, we asked Mr. Meredith to go to Charlottesville for the purpose of making the facts known to you. We felt it important that the matter should be treated as confidential by those to whom it was told, you as chairman of the University Committee to handle the situation there, as you deemed wise and proper under the new circumstances, which had arisen since our conference in Richmond because of the fact if the opponents of the College should find our that an active campaign for the Co-ordinate College was not to be waged by the women, they might very well use the situation thus created to develop Farmville or make William and Mary co-education, which we are reliably informed is a proposition already receiving considerable attention and strong support. After Mr. Meredith's visit to the University for the above purpose was decided on and planned for Saturday, the bill drawn by Professor Lile was sent to him, which has again materially altered the situation. Last night Mr. Meredith was here and went over with me the results of the conference at the University last Saturday. As I understand the matter, the idea is to present to the Board of Visitors on Friday night next a bill which would command the support both of the University and our forces here, hoping to secure favorable action by them upon the bill. It seemed to me as I understood the facts, which Mr. Meredith reported on, that a bill satisfactory to all was almost in sight. So far as I am concerned personally, and I believe I my speak for the Woman's Committee, the essential points in the bill are the following: 1. That the College should be vitally a part of the University itself 2 That the bill should state that it would be created 'near the University""not in the vicinity of Charlottesville." 3. That the clause with reference to the degree should be drawn under the terms of the old bill. 4. That the agreement reached in Washington and Charlottesville during our previous conference with reference to the site should be left as agreed upon there, namely 'the site to be selected by the Board of Visitors. This language, Virginia and I have always understood and still understand under the terms of the bill as drawn by Mr. Meredity [Meredith], leaves the Board of Visitors entirely unhampered in the choice of a site. If it seems necessary, however, in order to make it perfectly plain that they have authority to purchase, if in their judgement, after investigation and due consideration, it is thought best to do so, then the inclusion in the one hundred and fifty thousand dollar clause of the provision to use such part of this money as may be necessary to purchase, if need be, a site for the College, is, as indicated in a former letter of Mr. Meredith's to the University, satisfactory to us. In addition to these vital points, my own judgement and wish is that there be included in the bill, Mr. Strode's clause about fees and the plain indication of what we all agreed is the purpose and wish of the majority of the professors at the University; namely to do such teaching in the Co-ordinate College as the Board of Visitors may think proper and wise. Without Mr. Strode's clause, I do not believe he will support support the bill, and since he was the original patron of this measure, in which bill this clause was found, and which bill the University men supported, and because in addition his support for every reason will be of incalculable help in the passage of the bill. I think his wishes and judgement should receive this consideration. The plain indication that the professors will do some teaching as well as the leaving to the Board of Visitors the privilege, if they deem wise and fit, of at least considering the wisdom and placing the College on land owned by the State before acquiring new property, seemed to me necessary provisions to be left in the bill in order to impress the Legislature that what we really mean to create is a Co-ordinate College for women, as this word is understood in the education world done in a wise and effective way, but with due regard to educational effi-