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[handwritten notes] I very heartily endorse every word of this and gladly pledge myself to do whatever may be asked of me if the University will lead in this movement-K. P. Minor. Katherine Scott Principal Oak Grove School Richmond, Va. I pledge myself to put all my strength in the effort to do whatever the University may ask of me in regard to the Co-ordinate College. I endorse warmly every word in this letter. Ruth Nelson Gordon (Mrs. Thos. C. Gordon) I heartily agree with the opinion of Mrs. Munford as expressed in this letter, and hold myself in readiness to do all I can if the University will lead in this movement. Sally Nelson Robins Mary Newton Standard Janet Henderson Weaver Randolph (Mrs. N. T) [Teachers Confederates)?] Mrs. M. C. Patterson by M.C.B. Munford

The Teachers of Richmond are ready to do their utmost for a real Co-ordinate College if the University will lead them I think this letter voices their opinion Cornelia S. Adair Pres. Elementary Teachers Asso.

Bessie R. Taylor. President Richmond League of Teachers. Vice President 3rd Congressional District Va. State Teachers Asso.