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503 E. Grace St., January 14, 1918.

Professor Wm. M. Thornton, University, Va. My dear Professor Thornton: Yours of December 30th was duly received. Thank you for stating so fully and plainly what happened at the meeting of the Board of Visitors. I have the copy of the resolution of the Visitors sent me by Dr. Alderman, but wish very much that you would send me promptly the Committee report as made by you on that occasion, as it is important that a copy of this should be in my hands. I would have written you earlier, but in the press of Christmas, the freezing water pipes, the children at home, a sick guest and Virginia McKenney on sick leave, and the office secretary with a dying father, I have been, I might say, snowed under. However, up to this date, the following has been done; some twenty-five thousand pieces of literature have been widely distributed throughout the state, batches being sent to a thousand farmers; the petition signed by about one hundred people, put into shape finally, and presented to the Governor elect by Mr. Charlie V. Meredith, last Wednesday. Mr. B. H. Grundy, of this city, a close friend and helper of Mr. Davis has been interested and saw the Governor in our behalf on last Thursday. From what I can hear I doubt if Mr. Davis will take a stand before he takes office. The statement of the Woman's Committee has been prepared and sent out to the eighty-five women of the Central Committee for their approval. It is also in shape to be distributed through the mails tonight to the press of the State. We expect that this statement will appear in the morning papers on Thursday, the 17th instant. An abbreviated form of the same following, we hope, in the County papers at the end of the week. Probably you know that Dr. Alderman spent an hour with me the last time he was in Richmond, and we had a very satisfactory talk. I still hope that the Legislature may see fit to do something at this session to provide for educating our women in connection with the University. I sincerely hope that it will be of a Co-ordinate type, certainly for undergraduate work. Nobody know just what is going to happen, and