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2 12 thorities shall see that the primary schools, whenever possible, 13 shall be conducted for not less than seven months in each year. 14 (2) There shall be established and maintained as the next 15 higher branch of the school system, high schools for the accom- 16 modation of all the children of school age in this State in so 17 far as this may be possible. No pupil shall be entitled to enter 18 any high school unless he shall have a certificate from the 10 principal, if there be one, or a teacher, if there be no principal, 20 from the primary or grammar school which such pupil previ- 21 ously attended. A primary or grammar school may be main- 22 tained in the same place or building as a high school but the 23 same separate departments shall be kept distinct as herein pro- 24 vided. 25 (3) There shall be established and maintained such normal 26 schools for the preparation and training of teachers as the ne- 27 cessities of the State may require, including those already es- 28 tablished; and in addition to such normal schools there shall 29 be maintained such industrial, mechanical and agricultural 30 schools as may be deemed necessary. No pupil shall be per- 31 mitted to enter any of the normal schools now existing in 32 Virginia or hereafter established until he shall have had a two 33 years' high school course, or its equivalent, in the State, and 34 received a certificate that he is a proper person to enter the