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Fredericksburg, Virginia February 27"1914.

Prof. Thomas Fitzhugh Dear Thomas:- I am sorry I cannot see my way clear to recommend to Senator Moncure the bill you refer to. I see no good in the bill except to furnish the shopkeepers of Charlottesville with some additional customers. As far as education of women is concerned, the teaching of young assistants and adjuncts of the University of Virginia will most probably be inferior to the teaching at the present Normal Schools. The Professors at the University have all that they can attend to properly at present or should have. As far as the tendency to immortality is concerned I think a school or college on the "other side" of Charlottesville much worse than having the male and female students all together, for then they could be observed and watched over; but with separate organizations as suggested, Charlottesville could be an underground of meeting without any knowledge of the College authorities. The result will be that no gentlemen of high standing and old Virginia ideals will place his son or daughter in any such environment. The Southern gentlemen still desire to maintain the modesty of their maidens. With kind regards, A. W. Wallace.