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[letterhead] VOTES FOR WOMEN Women's Political Union Formerly Equality League of Self-Supporting Women Headquarters and Shop 46 East Twenty-ninth Street New York

Officers Harriot Stanton Blatch President Elizabeth Ellsworth Cook Vice-President Eunice Dana Brannan Chairman Finance Committee Caroline Lexow Executive Secretary

Executive Board Nora Blatch de Forest Florence Kelley Alice J.G. Perkins Bertha Rembaugh Elizabeth Selden Rogers

Telephone, Madison Square 3043

April 5th, 1912 Miss Mary Johnston, 110 E. Franklin Street, Richmond, Va.

Dear Miss Johnston: - It was a great pleasure to hear from you and to learn that you and your sister will march in the May 4th procession. We are filing you under Virginia names, and hope that many more will be added.

A letter from Miss Alice Thornton Jenkins of 902 - 23rd Street, N.W., Washington, D.C., tells us that they expect to run a special decorated car from Washington. I have written them that you and some other Virginia women were coming, thinking that you might want to join forces, and suggest that you communicate with Miss Jenkins if that idea pleases you.

With very kind regards and the hope that we shall meet on the day of the procession, I am Very sincerely yours, Caroline Lexow, Executive Secretary. CL/M. P.S. May I ask for the names of the prominent members of your delegation? We want them for press work. C. L.