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Page 2 have to furnish me. It would be necessary that the League, appoint me Fiscal Agent, of some thing of that sort, so as to give me authority, to raise money, and receive it. Of course, I would not have any great amount in my possession, at one time, as you would wish it sent to your Treasurer, as collected, so it could be used, as collected. $25. would be ample to start the plans, I am positive, and possibly less. Once started, it would be self-sustaining. I understand that it is the policy, of the League, to pay for work done, and as I am not a wealthy man, I could not afford to give my time for nothing: Both of my parents, are invalids, and we must eat, and our home is dependent on my work, to provide the money, to live on. But, I do not ask, or expect you to pay me for any thing but what I do, and do not ask for, or desire a salary: I think, it would be more satisfactory, to all concerned, for me to receive, a percent of the money, that I would raise for thee movement. You could pay me any 10%, of the money, that I actually raised for you, would be about fair to all concerned. I will say this; if you do employ me, to secure money for you, I think I will give you a very agreeable surprise, in regard to the amount that I will send you in a very few months. Both myself, and my Father, have had much experience, in raising money for church purposes, and you may know how difficult,it is to do this. Really, I would enjoy the work, as I like that type of work, and even more than this, I am very heartily, in sympathy with the movement. The very idea, of my Wife, an ex-teacher in our schools, and a woman, of education, refinement and ability, not having the privelage [sic] of the ballot; and a negro, who has no education; cant write his name, and whose vote can be bought for $I. who cares nothing, and who knows less