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Page 3 and who would rather steal, than work, can step up and vote. I have taken, as interest, in politics, locally, ever since have been old enough, and I knew the crooks and turns, of the game pretty well, and I am now something of a leader, with the younger men here, who are trying to clean out the graft, and the objectionable features, in politics, in this section. Our laws, in regard to the ballot, are just about on a par with, some of our other laws, and I believe that if we can succeed in obtaining the privelage [sic] of the ballot, for women, a long stride will be made, towards placing our government of the high plane, it should be on.I have no hope of cleaning up the 2 old parties, but I have great hopes, of building up a great body, of independent voters, who do not "belong" to any political party, who think, and who will vote, for clean men, only, and for such laws, as are right. Last winter I tried to get a State Senator, to introduce a bill, in the Virginia Legislature, making the punishment for drugging a woman, and ruining her, the same that is, for using personal force, as I consider the crime exactly the same; but I could not get him to do it. I am working hard to achieve, financial independence, and I am on the right road, I think, and when I do so, I expect, to try very hard to have certain laws passed. I am held down, now, because of my great responsibilities, to my family, but I will win, and then, I hope to do some thing. I will find others who will help, once I can start the work. Pardon, this long letter. Hoping to hear from you in the near future, I remain; Sincerely: H. W. Hopewell. H.W. Hopewell, Mt. Solon, VA.