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I would be almost crushed by the sense of failure, but Culpeper conditions are very unusual, and I could hardly hope to succeed with a people who would reject such a leader as Mr Ware. Coming as that did, just as we organized I soon realized that a "masterly inactivity" would be my wisest course, and as long as I was the nominal head, no one would do anything. Miss Gan has promised to collect the nominal fee of twenty-five cents from all the members, but fearing she may unduly delay it, I am sending Mrs Kidd a cheque for $2, from the Wares. I wish I could make it a thousand! I do not know through whose kindness "The Woman's Journal" has been sent to me, but if you know, will you do me the kindness to express my great appreciation and enjoyment of it? I am sending in my personal subscription now, and would be glad to have the unexpired one transferred to Mrs Fred Porter. It is needless to add, dear Mrs Tyler, that I give up these happy associations with the noble Suffrage workers of Virginia most unwillingly and with a