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--4-- culty, remember that God, who has anointed you for the fight, has engaged you with a rough antagonist. Should you conquer in the Olympic Games, it cannot be without toil." And that good old Bible word "Tribulation," means threshing the husk from the ear. Thus panoplied by the lessons learnt here, each of you "goes forth as one qualified for a great encounter", charged with a great responsibility. thus armed, you need have no fear, even though your battle be for our Nation's life. To her whose noble courage and fine intelligence, has brought to her the honor of graduating from this School as a Mechanical Engineer, I offer my sincere admiration. Her career will be watched with profound interest, with confident expectation, by all who are today rejoicing in the splendid activities of the women of our country. Good cheer to you, Margaret Ingels, brave young woman. You are indeed a Pioneer. You who are to be graduated here go forth expecting success. But what of that? What is the true measure of success? Is it the honor that this world can give? I speak to you plainly, not to discourage, but to cheer you. To the best of us Builders of Railways come moments when the very foundation of our work seems to be slipping from under the structure that we have reared. Then all of life seems a failure. But to him who believes that we "Fall to rise, are baffled to fight better," there can be no failure. There must be faith in one's self, not vain self-confidence. And it will come, if you are but obedient to the Truth; for, as the Talmud says: "Truth is the seal of God." I commend to your thoughtful reading Juvenal's great tenth Satire, wherein he depicts the grim ruin that would befall us, should our improvident appeals be granted by the too generous Gods. (Joseph S. Auerbach's "Mum's Boy.") To your most earnest prayer may come as answer, not the glittering rewards that men count as the measure of success, but your cross and calvary. That thin grey line that came back from the crest of Cemetery Ridge, came