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brains to acquire them, earnestly and honestly I say God speed - and would give her any help that lay in my power - But when a few women ask for the gift of these things from a state not able adequately to care for the elementary grades to whom she pretends to tender an education; - (unable, she claims, for lack of funds -) ask for an expenditure of hundreds of thousands, when in their hearts they know they will never return to the state, by work or influence, or service of any kind - one small part of the benefit derived, I cannot make up my mind to give time in the request. The money now spent at the University is making the doctors, the lawyers, the engineers, the statesmen of Virginia - the only way in which a woman from there could begin to return her service to her state is by teaching - that is Mrs Munford's plea to Mrs Montague - and you know that no woman with a degree from the University would condescend to teach in the public schools of our State - and I don't blame her. For I have stood all day long in a classroom of seventy five of the great unwashed democracy of our land, crowded, poorly ventilated - one map on the wall - one tin water bucket and dipper - one frayed and worn black board - not even a sand table - not even a numerical frame - and if I wanted colored chalk, I bought it - and with the memories of that still fresh, you ask