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[imprinted letterhead] Virginia Division, U.D.C.

me to give a few women - for they are the few comparatively - and always will be - who want to lean "a little Latin and less Greek", to ask for themselves the thousands that could be spent to make life a very different thing in such a place as I have shown - and there are hundreds just such in Virginia. I am enclosing you a circular of facts - I do not expect, or even desire, to change your opinion or wishes - I have written you thus only to explain why I do not want to see the Assembly pass this bill. And I hope the time will come when an education under decent conditions and an education worth while - and not the "ginger bread stuff" that is brought back to us from these fair girls who go North to the "Training Schools" and which are Southern Normals aping the same ideas, are handing out to the graduates of recent years, How like the proverbial pearls in the mire of the swine trough. You say the Faculty is in favor of co-ordination at the rate of 43 to 5? Since asking you in Richmond how many constituted the faculty I have learned there are about 116 and that the majority oppose it. I see their representative, Dean of the Faculty, as their official speaker, asks the Assembly to vote against it. I am reliably informed that a majority of men attending the University from States where women are admitted to the State Schools, do so largely for that reason -