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I hope the time may come, and shortly, when Virginia can give her women all they ask or want - but never the destroying of all the old traditions at the present University. A co ordinate School, if they wish - but not at Charlottesville. A degree if they can take it, but not until she has given a degree of better chance to the "common people" a cap and gown - if they can wear them - but not until she has clothed the public school system with the rags of decency, at least enough to cover its nakedness. If Virginia has hundreds of thousands to expend - she should remember the men who fought for her in 61 - They need her aid more than some woman need a sheepskin. The time may come, I hope it will, when Virginia from her riches may be able to carry into effect Senate Bill No 74, and raise to the Confederate Women a monument more lasting than bronze - in the Memorial University - but who will fill this glorious School, if the primary and elementary grades are not better attended to than they are now - You have done wonderful work for the cause you think right - you have a wonderful woman for your leader, you have enlisted some of the best and brainiest women in the state and you are prepared to win the fight. You may be right - and I only a poor, ignorant