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[notations made by Munford unconnected with Ryland letter] Norvell L. Henley - For the bill Musgrove says he has no objection to bill - will vote provided he can get Senator Early's vote on his bill which is the eradication of the Tick - I asked if I could help him any - he said he would rather I or we shouldn't say anything until after he had spoken to Sen. Early. He asked me to keep this mum. He also found I was connected with league work having told him of my recent visit to Southampton & met some relatives &c. I think he would vote provided I would agree to visit a league for him on Friday week to address the league in his stead. Get Dr. Maclachlan to see Diane Hundley Sproul - Hopeless / Beattie - fine will vote for it. Steck for us - Browning almost persuaded may vote for us H. C. Lowry of Bedford - was violent at first & talked to me for about 1/2 hrs. Said he felt more convinced than he had ever been. Get some young girl to talk to Mr. Lowry. Idea is the girls will be all over campus.