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October 14, 1916.

Mrs. John H. Lewis, Lynchburg, Va.

My dear Mrs. Lewis:

Mrs. Valentine dictated the following letter to me, and as she had an important engagement, she could not wait to sign it. I, therefore, send it unsigned.

May I take this occasion to add my congratulations to the many you are receiving about your splendid achievements wherever you go?

Cordially yours,


Mrs. Valentine's Letter.

Dear Cousin Lizzie:

I am perfectly delighted with the successful trip you have made to Charlotte and Lunenburg counties, and feel that to have secured so good a committee at Lunenburg Courthouse was a distinct triumph over the forces of reaction.

Your plan for combining the two Leagues at Charlotte Courthouse and Drake's Branch is a good one as Mrs. William Carrington will be more likely to take the lead.

Miss Jackson has been invaluable to us for Charlotte county, and so far has done everything that has been done in that county.

As to Clarksville and Boydton, Mrs. Barrow writes that although she cannot herself be present, that a meeting has been arranged for you in Clarksville Monday, and that members of the Clarksville League will meet you at Boydton Court and assist you in getting signatures etc.

I wrote them that you must have time to call an organization meet-