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Equal Suffrage League of Virginia President, Mrs. B. B. VALENTINE, 2338 Monument Avenue, Richmond, Va. HONORARY VICE-PRESIDENTS Miss Mary Johnson WARM SPRINGS, VA. Miss Ellen Glasgow RICHMOND, VA. Mrs. Kate Langley Bosher RICHMOND, VA. Mrs. Kate Waller Barrett ALEXANDRIA, VA. Mrs. Louise Collier Willcox NORFOLK, VA ACTIVE VICE-PRESIDENTS Mrs. John H. Lewis LYNCHBURG, VA. Mrs. Stephen Putney WYTHEVILLE, VA. Mrs. Walter J. Adams NORFOLK, VA. Mrs. C. V. Meredith RICHMOND, VA. Mrs. J. Allen Watts ROANOKE, VA. Miss Roberta Wellford, Recording Secretary UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA. Mrs. Alice Overbey Taylor, Executive Secretary RICHMOND, VA. Mrs. E. G. Kidd, Treasurer RICHMOND, VA. Mrs. John S. Munce, Auditor RICHMOND, VA. Mrs. G. Harvey Clarke, Press Chairman RICHMOND, VA. 1913 Alaska White states; full suffrage; Shaded states; partial suffrage; Dotted state, presidential, partial county and state, municipal suffrage; dark states, no suffrage. State Headquarters, Richmond, VA. Commercial Building, Second street, between Broad and Grace October 30, 1916

My dear Mrs. Kidd;-

      Enclosed final check for ten dollars from Miss Nell Wise.  She has reversed the usual order of things by making the check payable to The E. S. L. of Richmond, but Mrs. Smithdeal has endorsed it so it is all right.  I do not know why she send ten instead of five but we won't quarrel over that, will we?
       Have not heard from Mrs. WIse yet