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Dear Mr.

At a meeting of the Executive Board of the Equal Suffrage League of Richmond, held Tuesday, February 10th, it was unanimously decided that a letter of appreciation and thanks should be sent you for your section in supporting the ratification of the Federal Woman Suffrage Amendment.

It is a source of pride and pleasure to us that the man who championed our cause have shown so fine a courage, breadth of vision , sense of Justice and loyalty to the principles of democracy. We are honored by your support, and we believe that you are to be congratulated in having thrown your influence upon the side of intelligent progress and inherent right. You have stood with the forward looking man and woman the world over who believe in fundamental justice and human freedom, and who hold to the principle that governments derive their just power from the consent of the governed.

We are deeply grateful for your generous and able support and it gives us pleasure to extend our most sincere thanks for allyou have done i behalf of " government by the people"

Sincerely yours,