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September 9 1919 Hon Otto V. Pence Mt. Jackson, Va My dear Mr. Pence:- The Equal Suffrage League of Virginia, representing 175 centers of suffrage sentiment in the State, and many thousands of Virginia suffragists, both men and women, affiliated with the National American Woman Suffrage Association--the conservative body of suffragists in America--, desires to express to you its thanks for the staunch support given by you in the House of Delegates on September 3rd. and 4th. (speech)

We appreciate your fairness in rejecting a negative resolution while a positive resolution was still in committee awaiting action at the proper time, which, in your judgement, was not at the special session called for good roads.

We appreciate further the spirit which prompted you to spread upon the record of the House of Delegates your position in repudiating the language of the negative resolution as unbecoming a southern legislature in a Democratic State to the national leader of its Party, and to the chairman of its national committee.

We have reason to believe with you that the majority vote does not express the sentiment of the House of Delegates toward equal suffrage or the ratification of the federal amendment, but that many of the members voting for its adoption were prompted by their desire to keep the question out of the special session. Several members casting the adverse vote have so informed us.

It is a matter of justifiable pride to us that our own Virginia men should wish to confer upon us themselves the right of citizenship rather then have it conferred upon us automatically by the men of thirty-six other states. We rejoice with you in this victory for suffrage in the Virginia legislature, the negative resolution having failed of passage in the upper House.

Very sincerely yours,

Executive Secretary.