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Manassas. I use them a great deal as I thought Results of Equal Suffrage was gone - Something telling results seems very important to have to give out, and could we have more of the latter? Also please send more of the Negro vote & Twelve Mothers nothing else needed - (Especially plenty of 12 Mothers) Prince William has no other towns of any size in that part of the County, tho Bristow 250, Nokesville 190, & Haymarket 160 might be covered if time - Bristow ought to be - I will write you about this after being in Manassas. Counting for time to finish anything not done, this would put me in Loudoun about the 27th or 29th - Leesburg is 1-1/2X as large as Front Royal or Warrenton and there are five other towns over 300, beside Herndon 800 - so that Loudoun will take at least two weeks. I have generally found it didn't pay for time, to go to towns much under 250 or 300, tho of course sometimes it can be done to advantage - Please send Leesburg list.