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Equal Suffrage League of Virginia Affiliated with National American Woman Suffrage Association President, Mrs. B. B. [Lila Meade] Valentine, Richmond, VA Vice-Presidents Mrs. John H. [Elizabeth Dabney Langhorne] Lewis, Lynchburg, VA. Mrs. J. H. [Annie Barna] Whitner, R.D. 3, Roanoke, VA. Mrs. C.E. [Jessie E.] Townsend, Norfolk, VA. Mrs. Charles G. [Kate Lee Langley] Bosher, Richmond, VA. Mrs. Robert T. Barton, Winchester, VA. Mrs. Faith W. Morgan, Hampton, VA.

Chairman, State Organization Committee. Mrs. John H. Lewis, Lynchburg, VA. Chairman, Legislative Committee. Miss Adele Clark, Richmond, VA. Chairman, Enrollment Committee, Mrs. Frank L. [Eugenia Benson] Jobson, Richmond, VA. Chairman, Political Study and Research Mrs. G. Harvey [Mary Ellen Pollard] Clarke, Richmond, VA.

Recording Secretary Miss Lucinda Lee Terry, Roanoke, VA. Executive and Press Secretary Mrs. Edith Clark Cowles, Richmond, VA. Headquarters' Secretary Miss Ida M. Thompson, Richmond, VA. Treasurer Mrs. E. G. [Ellen Gertrude Tompkins] Kidd, Richmond, VA. Auditor Mrs. S. M. Block, Richmond, VA.

State Headquarters 100 North 4th Street, Richmond, VA. [Letterhead]

April 15, 1920 Mrs. C. E. Townsend, 405 Citizens Bank Building, Norfolk, Va. My dear Mrs. Townsend:- We are organizing a state central committee for Citizenship Schools, and I hope that you will be one of the representative women to serve on it. Mrs. B. B. [Mary-Cooke Branch] Munford, Miss Katherine Hawes, Mrs. Kate Waller Barrett, Mrs. Archer G. Jones, Mrs. John Skelton Williams, Mrs. J. H. Whitner, Mrs. John H. Lewis, Mrs. Robert Barton, Mrs. M. M. [Willie Walker] Caldwell, Mrs. B. F. Buchanan, Mrs. Howard Hoge, Mrs. D. E. Sands, Mrs. Howard Gilmer, will be amongst the members of the committee.

At our request the University of Virginia is planning to hold a three days' Institute to which, of course, you are invited, for the purpose of stimulating a general interest in active citizenship among the women of the state who are so soon to become voters. This institute will take place at the University, and will include a series of lectures by experts in governmental procedure, a practical demonstration in voting, etc. The institute will open with an afternoon session on the 22nd and close with a morning session on the 24th. of April.

Consideration of this very live and big subject should draw women from all over the state, and I beg that you will make arrangements to attend. Do please also suggest the names of other representative women who might be interested in this meeting at the University and get them to attend.

It is our intention with proper financial backing, to hold Citizenship Institutes of two or three days' duration or longer, in all parts of the State where we can secure the co-operation and assistance of the local people. For this purpose it will be necessary to employ two or more instructors, certainly more than two if the state is to be adequately covered; leaflets., etc. will have to be prepared and printed and the funds for these are necessary.

Mrs. Archer G. Jones is chairman of ways and means committee, and we are all endeavoring, to secure contributions from men and women and associations. Will you not also please help to interest men and women in your vicinity? This work for citizenship is only another form of good Americanization, and should appeal to all persons who would not feel the gift of one hundred dollars or more---smaller sums also being very acceptable. We must reach the stay-at-home and the hitherto unawakened woman and these institutes seem to us to be the only practicable way to do this. Please let me hear from you as soon as possible so that your name may be placed on the Central Committee.

Do also be sure to go to the University and take advantage of this most unprecedented offer. We are hoping to take a good delegation from Richmond, and hope you will also get as many as possible from Norfolk and Princess Anne. It would be dreadful if we did not make the meeting a success after the Univ. has come around to our side. Cordially Lila Meade Valentine