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[letterhead] National American Woman Suffrage Association Branch of International Woman Suffrage Alliance and of National Council of Women Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt, President National Headquarters, 171 Madison Avenue Telephone, 4818 Murray Hill New York Press Department Miss Rose Young, Director 171 Madison Ave., New York Directors 1st Vice-President Mrs. Stanley McCormick, Mass. 2nd Vice-President Miss Mary Garrett Hay, New York 3rd Vice-President Mrs. Guilford Dudley, Tennessee 4th Vice-President Mrs. Raymond Brown, New York 5th Vice-President Mrs. Helen Gardener, Washington, D.C. Treasurer Mrs. Henry Wade Rogers, Connecticut Corresponding Secretary Mrs. Frank J. Shuler, New York Recording Secretary Mrs. Halsey W. Wilson, New York Directors Mrs Charles H. Brooks, Kansas Mrs. J. C. Cantrill, Kentucky Mrs. Richard E. Edwards, Indiana Mrs. George Gellhorn, Missouri Mrs. Ben Hooper, Wisconsin Mrs. Arthur Livermore, New York Miss Esther G. Ogden, New York Mrs. George A. Piersol, Pennsylvania [letterhead]

May 15, 1920 Miss Adele Clark, 100 North Fourth Street, Richmond, Virginia My dear Miss Clark:- Your letter of May 13th received. Miss Catt has asked me to reply to it and to say that the Supreme Court of the United States has not yet rendered its decision. The ratification of the Amendment has not been thrown out in Ohio although we understand that the petitions in Ohio have been filed. If the decision of the Supreme Court is made before the time for the vote to be taken in Ohio and a referendum on a Federal Amendment is declared unconstitutional, then the vote of course will not be taken in Ohio. If the decision should be the reverse of what we hope it will be, then the referendum would be taken in Ohio on the Federal Amendment. No one knows when the Supreme Court will render its decision, but we have been hoping each Monday that the decision would come. As soon as we get this information, we shall at once communicate it to the various states. Please let us know if we can answer any other questions and help you any further. If so we shall be only too glad to do so. With very best wishes for you - Faithfully yours, Nettie R. Shuler (Mrs. Frank J. Shuler) Corresponding Secretary