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THE WOMAN'S JOURNAL 585 Boylston Street, Boston, Massachusetts Telephone: Back Bay 4717 Contributing Editors Mary Johnston Stephen S. Wise Josephine Peabody Marks Zona Gale Florence Kelley Witter Bynner Contributing Editors Ben B. Lindsey Caroline Bartlett Crane Ellis Meredith Mabel Craft Deering Eliza Calvert Hall Reginald Wright Kauffman Assistant Editor Henry Bailey Stevens Editor-in-Chief Alice Stone Blackwell Manager Agnes E. Ryan May 14, 1915. Mrs. B. B. Valentine, Commercial Bldg., Richmond, Va. My dear Mrs. Valentine: The "Each State - 1000 - August 13" campaign of which we wrote you on April 15 is well under way. Thirty-seven associations have been heard from approving our plan. Subscriptions are already beginning to come in. But I regret to think that we have not yet heard from the Equal Suffrage League of Virginia, and I sincerely hope you are planning to cooperate with us. We have already forwarded the Kampaign Kit, wishing you to have the use of it at once. Do not feel that because you are not sure of getting the full 1000 subscriptions that we would not wish you to keep the Kit. On the contrary, it was given simply with the understanding that each association would do its best, whether its best meant 600 subscriptions or 1600. The State Associations assure us the 1000 additional Journals will do much to help their people to understand suffrage and its aims, while the $300, - well: they just think of the fliers, speakers, literature, and local work it will make possible! Connecticut, for instance, with its campaign three years off, has gone into "The Big Four" heart and soul, and plans this year to devote most of its energy to multiplying the use of The Journal. Can't "The Big Four" help Virginia? I would greatly appreciate a letter from you telling me how you and your workers feel about it. Sincerely yours, Agnes E. Ryan AER:VES.