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3 but the fine work of the Congressional Union is not to be depreciated. I think their policy is misunderstood and misrepresented by the National Conference at Chicago - judging from the National News - Letter of most recent date, wherein the Union is accused of partisanship and of militancy - two baseless charges, as I read them. I must warmly congratulate you on your literary, as well as on your executive work: I read with so much interest your story in the Texas Am. Home Journal. Equal Suffrage owes much to you on many counts. I sincerely hope you are entirely well again? I am glad to report that on Friday June 25 last, I made a suffrage talk at Galt's Mill, in Amherst Co. and organized an E.S. League at that place, with Mrs. C. M. Henley President; Mrs. G. B. Turner, V. President and Miss Louise Cabell as Sec. & Treasurer Kindly send fraternal greetings to Mrs. Henley. It is a promising league, of the