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University of Virginia 5 August, 1915. My dear Mrs. Townsend, I have been using the "Kampaign Kit" here during the Summer School; - or rather one part of it. I was disappointed in it, but there is one book of collected facts, Etc, that is valuable. I will need it only a day or two longer, and then I will send it down to you. And I hope it will be of use. I found here last summer that I had to make a good many of my own posters; and with a rubber stamping outfit it is easy to print off anything timely or striking. The Voiceless Speech we have is that published by the National Association in 1913. The first sentence is: - "Woman Suffrage is the greatest public question before the people to-day." I shall be using it at the Charlottesville fair in a few weeks, so I would not care to dispose of it. If you dont happen to have this one, I think it is worth getting, though ours has to be brought up to date in the matter of States for Suffrage since it was made. I expect to be in Newport News for several weeks soon, and I hope that I will be over in Norfolk some day. If so