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March 18, 1916. Hon. Charles C. Carlin, Washington, D. C. Dear Sir:- The Equal Suffrage League of Virginia, with its 93 branch leagues and centers in almost every County, with a membership larger than any woman's organization in the State, and growing daily, in its last State Convention endorsed both State and Federal Amendments for the enfranchisement of women. We have for three successive Legislatures worked for an amendment to the Constitution of Virginia, which would remove the sex restriction from the qualifications prescribed for voters. The marked increase in the vote this year ---13 in 1914, 40 in 1916--- is a clear indication of the growth of favorable sentiment in the State. We shall go again to the Legislature of 1918, but we also urge you to vote to report immediately to the House of Representatives, the Federal Amendment, which like our State Amendment, would leave all other restrictions for the electorate as they now are, save only that of sex. It is therefore, in line with our belief that each State should be allowed to restrict its electorate in all legitimate and reasonable ways. We submit, however, that no State should be permitted to participate the intolerable injustice of the present sex restriction, and this injustice we shall seek to remedy by every available Constitutional method. Sincerely yours, L.M.V. President.