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POSTAL TELEGRAPH-CABLE COMPANY IN CONNECTION WITH THE COMMERCIAL CABLE COMPANY THE GREATEST TELEGRAPH AND CABLE SYSTEM IN THE WORLD. EXTENDS OVER TWO-THIRDS OF THE WAY AROUND THE EARTH. THE POSTAL TELEGRAPH-CABLE COMPANY (INCORPORATED) TRANSMITS AND DELIVERS THE WITHIN MESSAGE SUBJECT TO THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS: To guard against mistakes or delays, the sender of a message should order it REPEATED; that is, telegraphed back to the originating office for comparison. For this, one-half the regular rate is charged in addition. It is agreed between the sender of the message written on the face hereof and the Postal Telegraph-Cable Company, that said Company shall not be liable for mistakes or delays in the transmission or delivery, or for non-delivery, of any UNREPEATED message, beyond the amount received for sending the same; nor for mistakes or delays in the transmission or delivery, or for non-delivery, of any REPEATED message beyond fifty times the sum received for sending the same, unless specially insured, nor in any case for delays arising from unavoidable interruption in the working of its lines, or for errors in cipher or obscure messages. And this Company is hereby made the agent of the sender, without liability, to forward any message over the lines of any other Company when necessary to reach its destination. Correctness in the transmission of messages to any point on the lines of the Company can be INSURED by contract in writing, stating agreed amount of risk, and payment of premium thereon, at the following rates, in addition to the usual charge for repeated messages, viz: one per cent. for any distance not exceeding 1,000 miles, and two per cent. for any greater distance. No responsibility regarding messages attaches to this Company until the same are presented and accepted at one of its transmitting offices; and if a message is sent to such office by one of this Company's messengers, he acts for that purpose as the agent of the sender. Messages will be delivered free within the established free delivery limits of the terminal office. For delivery at a greater distance a special charge will be made to cover the cost of such delivery. This Company shall not be liable for damages or statutory penalties in any case where the claim is not presented in writing within sixty days after the message is filed with the Company for transmission. This is an UNREPEATED Message and is transmitted and delivered by request of the sender under the conditions named above. Errors can be guarded against only by repeating a message back to the sending station for comparison. The above terms and conditions shall be binding upon the receiver as well as the sender of this message. No employee of this Company is authorized to vary the foregoing. CLARENCE H. MACKAY, PRESIDENT. CHARLES C. ADAMS, VICE-PRESIDENT. EDWARD REYNOLDS, VICE-PREST. AND GENERAL MANAGER. EDWARD J. NALLY, VICE-PREST. AND ASST. TO THE PRESIDENT. CHARLES P. BRUCH, VICE-PRESIDENT. POSTAL TELEGRAPH-FASTEST SERVICE IN THE WORLD