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Copy for your information

[letterhead] National League of Women Voters Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt, Honorary President

[center of page] President Mrs. Maud Wood Park Washington, D. C. First Vice-President Mrs. Richard Edwards Peru, Indiana Second Vice-President Miss Belle Sherwin 2728 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio Secretary Mrs. Solon Jacobs Altamont Road, Birmingham, Ala. Treasurer Mrs. Sumner T. McKnight 321 Meyers Arcade, Minneapolis, Minn.

[on left of page] Regional Directors First Region Miss Katherine Ludington Lyme, Conn. Second Region Mrs. F. Louis Slade 37 W. 39th St., New York Third Region Mrs. Julian B. Salley Aiken, S.C. Fourth Region Miss Elizabeth J. Hauser Girard, Ohio Fifth Region Mrs. James Paige 420 Oak Grove St., Minneapolis, Minn. Sixth Region Mrs. Charles H. Dietrich Hastings, Nebr. Seventh Region Mrs. C. B. Simmons 495 Heights Terrace, Portland, Ore. Chairmen Standing Committees American Citizenship Women in Industry Miss Mary McDowell 4630 Gross Ave., Chicago, Ill. Child Welfare Mrs. LaRue Brown, Hotel Lafayette, Washington, D.C. Social Hygiene Mrs Ann Webster 370 7th Ave., New York Uniform Laws Concerning Women Mrs. Catharine Waugh McCulloch 112 W. Adams St., Chicago, Ill. Food supply and deman Mrs Edward P. Costigan 2123 California St., Washington, D.C. Finance Mrs Gifford Pinchot Milford, Pike Co., Pa. [right side of paper] Departments Congressional headquarters 918 Munsey Bldg., Washington, D.C. Telephone Main 6700 Executive Secretary Mrs. Minnie Fisher Cunningham Headquarters secretary Miss Caroline I. Reilly Publicity scretary Mrs. Amanda Miller Organization headquarters Peru, Indiana Efficient Government 2728 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio

August 2, 1921 Dear State Chairmen:- Mrs. Park asks that I write and give you the vote on the Maternity bill, which passed the senate on July 22, 63 to 7. This is a very splendid showing and we hope that you will surely write and express your appreciation to your senators if they voted for the bill and against the so-called Moses amendment, the amendment to take the administration away from the children's bureau. Both roll calls are enclosed.

In the house the hearings before the interstate and foreign commerce committee finally closed on the 23rd of July, the committee holding two full day sessions at the end in order to avoid running into a third week. The next step is printing the hearings and then we should begin to press for a favorable report. The committee adjourned for three weeks, one of which has elapsed.

You are urged to so organize your work that by the time they come back to work (about August 10th) these gentlemen will find their desks piled high with letters from all over the country, thanking them for the very thorough hearings and urging early and favorable action. It really is important that each member of the committee should have a number of letters from every section of the country. I am enclosing the names of the committee members once more to be sure that you have them.. To help with this Mrs. Miller has gotten out a sheet with a number of interviews from members of Congress in favor of the maternity bill. A sample of this is enclosed and you can secure others for your publicity by writing in for them.

It may be that you feel this call to action a bit burdensome coming as it does in the heat of midsummer, but it is the time when a "pull all together" will put the bill through and give the states a chance to begin this important work without further maddening delay. It has been said that "anybody would take off their coats and go out to save a baby if given the chance." Now is your chance, so I know you will ignore the heat!

The board also wishes me to announce at this time the appointment as chairman of the committee on social hygiene, Mrs. Ann Webster, field representative of the american social hygiene association, taking the place of Dr. Valeria H. Parker, who has been appointed executive secretary of the interdepartmental social hygiene board. Sincerely yours, Minnie Fisher Cunningham