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State of Virginia: Powhatan County, to wit: Be it remembered that heretofore at Rules held in the Clerk's office of Powhatan Circuit Supr. Court of Law & Chancery January the 11th to the 9th day of February inclusive in the year 1850 to wit: came Nancy Cullins, Sally Cullins, Ann Cullins, America Cullins, and Wm Brooks and Judith his wife, formerly Judith Cullins by their attorney and filed their certain bill in Chancery against John C Stratton admor de bonis non with the Will annexed of John Cullins dec'd, Creed Taylor, and Wm. W. Michaux exor of Wm. Walthall dec'd in these words and figures to wit; To the Honorable John W. Nash &c And on the 6th day of February in the year 1850, aforesaid an order for an Injunction was endorsed upon the said Bill in these words and figures, to wit; Powhatan C. H. &c A Copy of the Will of John Cullin dec'd referred to in the Bill aforesaid and prayed to be taken as a part thereof is in these words & figures, to wit; In the name of God &c. And on the same 6th day of February 1850, an Injunction bond was executed by Jno N. Woodfin under the order aforesaid in the penalty of $50. with Wm C Scott as his security. And at a Circuit Superior Court of Law and Chancery held for the county of Powhatan, at the Courthouse thereof, on the 4th day of May 1850. The deft Creed Taylor filed his answer to the Bill of the plffs and time was allowed the pltts to reply thereto. The said answer of Creed Taylor is in these words and figures, to wit; The answer of Creed Taylor &c. The Deed from Henley Cullin to Creed Taylor referred to in the answer aforesaid and prayed to be taken as a part thereof, is in these words and figures to wit; Whereas I am justly indebted &c. And the Letter from John C Stratton to Creed Taylor,