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[Locations/directions enclosed in box labelled Explanation correspond to points on included survey map in document]

Explanation 1 North Landing 2 North fork leading [to No?] 3 & 4 Four feet water 5 Three feet water 6 The head of the North fork 14 Low flatt Land 16 Low wet swamp 18 to 20 Low flatt Land 21 [Back?] [page torn] [?oing] to the Great Bridge, wet swamp 23 to 27 Coll Veals Low flatt Land 28 Main Road 36 to 38 Kempes Warehouse Stiff Clay Land about 5 feet above low water mark 39 Kempes Landing

[writing alongside survey map] The direct course of the Proposed Canal from the North Landing to Kempes Landing will be N25W distance 7 Miles & 140 Perches

[bottom of survey map has partially torn bar scale reading from 000 in increments of 100 to 1000] Scale [illegible] an Inch

Ths. [Walker?] Surveyor of [Princess] Anne County