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(9) and take depositions at his former residence in South Carolina without which personal presence it was out of his power to establish the Identity of his person in this way altho the right of suing was granted, yet the means of enjoying the resulting benefits were denied although your Orator might can did send yet unless he had been permitted to accompany the messenger he could never prove himself the same slave whom Peter Corbell had owned and held in that neighborhood a point which never can be Correctly or satisfactorily acssertained by comparative description not with [slandering?] your Orator could with the necessary liberties have established his residence and Identity of course this your Orator in the humble Condition of a Slave cramped in the preparatory steps and not one living soul in a situation to aid in collecting his evidence was ruled to trial in the absence of such his material testimony altho his council moved a continuance which produced in result a verdict against him on which his Council moved for a new trial which was refused your Orator further represents that a Certain Thomas Johnson to whom your Orator was hired during part of his aforesaid residence in Virginia refused to hire your Orator at one time longer than four weeks saying for reasons that he knew your Orator was entitled to, and would obtain his freedom