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30. Corporation of Lynchburg To Wit Personally appeared John Lynch Jr sergeant of the Corporation aforesaid before me a Justice of the peace for said Corporation and made oath that he did on the 2d day of this present month March deliver to William Radford a true Copy of the within notice Given under my hand this 2d day of March 1813 John Schoolfield Thomas Johnson take notice that on Friday the 11th Instant between the hours of ten OClock in the forenoon and six in the afternoon at the Tavern house of Nathaniel Reives in the town of Lynchburg I will take the depositions of Howard Bennett Thomas S McLeland Wm Robinson Henry Robinson Lucy Robinson Reubin Norvell Reubin Bagby Roderick Taliaferro and John Murrell to be read as evidence in the Injunction now depending in the County Court of Campbell in which I am Complainant and you and Peter Corbell are defendants when and where you may attend to cross interrogate the Witnessess should you think proper Respectfully Isaac Plaintiff in form a pauperis June 4th 1813 Campbell County Sct Personally appeared Francis J Callaway and made oath as the law directs that he did on the tenth day of June 1813 deliver unto Thomas Johnson a true copy of the within notice recorded on the face of this paper. Given under my hand this tenth June 1813 Thomas Humphreys Agreeably to a Commission to us directed from the County Court of Campbell at the Tavern house of Nathaniel Reives in the town of Lynchburg on the third day of march 1813 between the hours of nine in the forenoon and six in the afternoon of said Day according to notice in proof before us we have taken sundry depositions therein named in the injunction now depending in the County Court of Campbell in Which Isaac 31. is Plaintiff and Peter Cobell and Thomas Johnson are defts And George McDaniel of lawfull age and first sworn on the holy evangelist of Almighty god, deposeth and saith that some time in the year 1794 Isaac was brought into the County of Campbell by a Certain Thomas Bragg who hired him as the property of said Corbell and that he said Isaac remained in the County aforesaid State of Virginia near three years before he the said Isaac instuted suit in Campbell County Court in form a pauperis for his freedom On New Years day 1799 I was at the house of Thomas Johnson and in a conversation with said Johnson this deponent remarked: if Robinson had lived he would have been a good Witness for Isaac. Mr Johnson Replied that he Johnson would be a good Witness for Isaac alluding to the suit then depending between the said Isaac and Peter Corbell in Campbell Court Question By the Defendants Council Was not your deposition taken in an injunction depending before the Court of Chancery for the Richmond district in which Isaac was plaintiff and Thomas Johnson Deft Answer. My affidavit or deposition (I do not recollect which was taken at Mr Wiatts office in a suit between Isaac and Johnson which I understand was depending but I cannot say whether or not it was before the Chancellor Question By Council for the pauper was Isaac and his Council present when that affidavit or deposition was taken and had they a notice They had notice and Isaac and Samuel Wiatt were present. By the same was that affidavit or deposition filed in the case before the Chancellors. I cannot tell but I never until this time gave but one this Deponant being asked no other questions farther saith not George McDaniel Francis Gray of Lawfull age, and and being affirmed deposeth and saith that he this deponent was Deputy Seargeant and of course had the Keeping of the Jail some time in September or October 1811 according to his best Knowledge or recollection that Thomas Johnson sent for him asked him if he could take Isaac and put him in Jail. Isaac was brought tied and bound and