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32. put in Jail of the Corporation of Lynchburg at the same time Johnson said it was done because Isaac wanted to go away to Richmond under pretence of getting Evidence and he Johnson being bound for Isaac forthcoming at Court it was best to resort that course this deponent says the said Isaac remained in Jail 3 or 4 days but he this deponent in the time of confinement might be mistaken as he did not take charge of him this deponent being no farther interrogated farther saith not Francis Gray James McKinny of Lawfull age and first sworn on the holy gospels of Almighty god deposeth and saith that in fall 1811 he saw Isaac in irons and that he was put in the Corporation jail of Lynchburg and in conversation with Thomas Johnson he heard Johnson say he had so confined him because he wanted to be off, but recollect to hear Johnson say that it was because he Johnson was bound for Isaac forthcoming at Court this deponent being asked no other question farther saith not. James McKinny his mark David Moore being of lawfull age and first sworn on the holy evangelist of almighty god deposeth and saith that he was a member of the first Jury in Isaacs case against Corbell that before this deponent and others in the Capacity of Jurors in that Case Thomas Johnson was sworn and examined as a Witness for Isaac that the said Johnson in his then evidence said that Corbell told him that he Corbell had brought or sent Isaac to this state from South Carolina and that Isaac had remained in this state upwards of two years before that suit was brought that he Johnson thought Isaac was entitled to his freedom, this Opinion given in private conversation after the evidence was given in and arguments of Council the Jury not agreeing were discharged without rendering a Verdict. Question by Deft Council